"Brian brought an energy to the joint as soon as he started; folks were immediately put at ease knowing they were in the hands of a powerful musician who was going to take them somewhere" - John Hughes, Rosendale Cafe (NY)

'A singular and insightful voice' -

"...a truly talented songwriter." - Neilson Hubbard, producer (Kim Richey, Matthew Perryman Jones, Glen Phillips)

'Brian is an amazing artist' - Colin McEnroe, WNPR Connecticut

Brian is a classic Troubadour, both introspective and observant, a depth-seeker, a pensive personality yet witty and engaging performer. With a few guitars, voice, and a harmonica, Brian engages audiences with classic songwriting and skilled, highly rhythmic guitar work. Brian's latest release is 2012's 'If I Don't Speak A Word...', and he has earned 2012 and 2013 Telluride and Rocky Mountain Folks songwriting accolades. Read more in BIO.

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